Brandy Style: I Wanna Be Down

Let’s get this thing started off right! This is for all the 90s babies that wanna be down with that special somebody… Let’s get it!


Have you ever been afraid of how someone would respond if you told them your real feelings? And every-time you try to express yourself your pride and shyness get in the way. Well this post is for you… For the first time in years, I am finally interested in a man I respect but our paths seem to have crossed at the most inopportune times in our lives with family drama, personal lives, work transitions and everything else falling in-between I feel as those the possibility of something beyond our current status of nothingness has passed.

Nevertheless, I want to write my feelings down in hopes of one day reconciling them. Even if I never tell… Well here we go…

My Chocolate ray of sunshine in this desolate Earth.

God only knows what your worth.

In my mind’s eye, I see you raise at the crack of dawn

And stretch with a daze over your glaze and throw something on.

I dream for the day that we are united.

Like the descents of slaves returning to their ancestral land.

On the shores of Mozambique, I see this man.

A young Marcus Gravey making a plan…

To get from under European dominance that laid hold to his motherland.

On the island of restitution I stand… stranded until I met you.

Rest on me when your soul is weary.

Receive my positive vibes when you come near me.

I don’t have all the answers like Siri.

But I will search for you.


By: AJ uNIQue

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