Happy Juneteenth

Happy Juneteenth On June 19th 1865 we heard the chime of freedom 2 years of sweet reluctant truth... reached enslaved ears in Galveston, Texas elation soared in tow with archangels and they blew a golden trumpet for us beyond the frightful barks of German Shepard's bullet shells and exuberant hymns was still peace... no more … Continue reading Happy Juneteenth


Someone Shot At Me

As of late, I have been conflicted regarding who I want to be and accepting the truth that consumes my daily thoughts. All the normalcy that I drew limited comfort from went out the window this week! And within my heart that bleeds Black I understand why... The persistent killing, economic oppression and abuse of … Continue reading Someone Shot At Me

Please Come Home Black Bird Recluse

This poem means so much to me and writing it nearly broke what's left of my heart. I hope you enjoy it. Unacknowledged blood bonds Massaged over distinct whispers of distrust You preferred to live in calamity rather than attempt to repair us So we move in a familiar yet unfamiliar space A place that … Continue reading Please Come Home Black Bird Recluse

THE Journey

Press on black coal One day you will be a diamond And the ambivalent people that called you ugly Will call you beautiful Press on   Press on ugly duckling One day you will be a swan With a neck nice and long It is greatness that you glide upon Press on   Press on … Continue reading THE Journey

Resurrection of a Dream Deferred

  Lately, I have been reading poetry and trying to dig into the works of authors and poet's who inspire me. The first poet that inspired me to write was Langston Hughes. His description of life and his experiences gave color to my childhood as I used his work as a source of inspiration. In … Continue reading Resurrection of a Dream Deferred