Gentrification Nation: Litter on the Ground

Move us out

Tell us that our children born and raised HERE

Don’t have the right to stay


Build luxury condos

So we can’t afford to pay

Clean up the garbage

That once covered the streets, where we stay

The things that our taxes should have covered before you came


Invoke the law enforcement to harass us

So we don’t feel safe in broad day

Tear down the scope of our DREAMS


By telling us that your bringing in better things

Neighbors that buy up the property we want to own

Then tell us to ignore the wage gap

IT’s our fault and our fault alone


These new neighbors don’t care about our history here

They move in and act like our presence is a mystery here

They claim were disturbing the peace as they file complaints

Create homeowner associations and pull their rank


We don’t want those people living here on Section 8

But One day you will answer for your wrong doing at Hell’s GATE



By AJ Unique



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