Poetry Analysis: Sounds Like Pearls

Poetry Analysis

Article 1

Analysis of Sounds Like Pearls

Sounds Like Pearls
Like pearls 
Roll off your tongue 
To grace this eager ebon ear.

Doubt and fear, 
Ungainly things, 
With blushings 

Written by Maya Angelou 

Sounds Like Pearls is a simple and uplifting poem from the book Just Give Me a Cool Drink of Water ‘fore I Diiie. I was thrilled by Maya’s ability to get her point across with only two verses. It’s a short but sweet octave with descriptive and sultry imagery. This poem creates a sense of happiness and contentment with the infinite possibilities found in delightful conversation. 

In the first stanza, there’s an air of dainty expression utilized in the terms pearls and grace that captivates my soul. The line, Sounds like Pearls identifies the words as beautiful or desirable. The description indicates that the words are pleasing to hear. It urges the listener to pay attention. 

The third and fourth lines further denotes this point by stating:  

Roll off your tongue 

To grace this eager ebon ear.  

The sentiments are delivered and received with an ease that can only be described as attentive. The ebon (black) ear eagerly listening gives greater context to the reader and adds depth to the listeners’ traits. At every opportunity, the writer reminds you of the importance of sound. In the second stanza, the words being spoken are so impact that they have the power to make doubt, fear and negative things disappear. 

The listener is left with a blushing face full of promise by the end of the poem which leads one to believe that the auditory experience was enjoyable. Though the poem is composed of short lines, the meaning is conveyed in an elaborate and intriguing way. The last words’ ear and disappear in each stanza rhyme which creates a nice closure for the piece. This poem is like a snack that enhances the quality of it’s reader’s day. 

I hope you enjoyed this analysis.

This poem is inspired by Maya Angelou’s Sounds Like Pearls.

Speak Of Temptation
speak easy words 
to an active ear 
ready to listen 
anxious to hear

tempt me with your care 
engage me with your stare 
i will sway to your delectable nothings 
even if they lead nowhere 

Love always, Esha ❤

Do you have any thoughts or comments? Or do you want to share an inspired poem? There is no time like the present to share a gift.


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