A Thank You to My Readers

Photo by Fallon Michael on Pexels.com I'm just gonna get it off my chest... My grandmother died last week. This is the third death I experienced in 10 months. First, my Father then my Auntie now this. So I stopped writing for a little over a week. I needed time to think. I needed time … Continue reading A Thank You to My Readers

Poetry Analysis: Sounds Like Pearls

Poetry Analysis Article 1 Analysis of Sounds Like Pearls Sounds Like Pearls Sounds Like pearls Roll off your tongue To grace this eager ebon ear. Doubt and fear, Ungainly things, With blushings Disappear. Written by Maya Angelou Sounds Like Pearls is a simple and uplifting poem from the book Just Give Me a Cool Drink … Continue reading Poetry Analysis: Sounds Like Pearls

Impossible Vs. Possible

  Photo by Ena Marinkovic on Pexels.com Impossible Vs. Possible Impossible is just a possibility that hasn't come into fruition. So it's your job to turn the things you imagine into reality. But first you must believe in an outcome that others can't see!   Love always, Esha ❤  

Thoughts: Shine Baby Shine

Photo by Ahmed Aqtai on Pexels.com Shine Baby Shine It only takes a small slither of light to ward off the darkness. So let your exquisite talents radiant luminosity. There is beauty in rare things! Keep shinning baby. I see you...   Love always, Esha ❤

Lifestyle Piece: The Power of Words

Lifestyle Piece: The Power of Words As of late, I have been discovering the importance of properly managing the external pressures I encounter. And with every passing day I feel myself growing into a better person... a more understanding person. For the first time in my life, I feel at ease with the sting of … Continue reading Lifestyle Piece: The Power of Words