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It was formerly known as Black20somethin. My name is Esha and writing is my outlet. This is a blog where creativity lives and free-self expression is identified as beautiful and bold. It may not appeal to everyone but everyone is welcome. My goal is to create and express concepts that need exploration.  Please no rude or explicit comments.

“The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.”  –Maya Angelou

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Warning: For Those Who Grieve

There are no wordsTo fill the voidIt is an endless seaOf missed communicationAnd broken opportunities How do I move forward?How do I forget?How do I cry?Now that you’re gone Your things fill the room, storages and my mindVestinages of the lifeYou left behindFor the first timeYour not here to wipe my tears They fill the … Continue reading Warning: For Those Who Grieve

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