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It was formerly known as Black20somethin. My name is Esha. I love poetry and creative writing. I am an author, poet and blogger. This website is a place where creativity lives and free-self expression is identified as beautiful and bold. Thank you for joining me on my journey as a writer. My goal is to create and express concepts that need exploration.  Ask questions, comment, send in topic suggestions for poems or creative writing pieces you would like to see. Check out and follow me on social media. I love interacting with my audience.

“The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.”  –Maya Angelou

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Something More: Eyes Closed

Sometimes, feeling you is just enough. Getting used to your smell. Searching for your touch. I could love you with my eyes closed. But then how could I see you? I can only imagine the outline of your face and invision the curvature of your smile. It is warm and glows like sunshine. When we … Continue reading Something More: Eyes Closed

Newsletter: Thoughtful Words

May 2023  Volume 1 Issue 1 By Ayesha Montgomery Image by noeliebodin from Pixabay Since coming to Racine, I have discovered a wonderful hidden gem in the artistic community. I am appreciative of all the wonderful people that I was able to meet via the Thoughtful Words Poetry Workshop. Last season, we hosted 5 sessions … Continue reading Newsletter: Thoughtful Words

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