Red Veil


My eyes dulled over from broken promises
And expired love long gone
My blood that once flowed like a river is now curdled

Late night serenades
That once birthed my hopes
Are now the site of my nightmares

I gave up
Somewhere in between falling in and out of heartbreak
While praying for the real thing

Rotting hopes have turned my mind upside down
But I am not hopeless
Before I was blindsided
But now I won’t accept less

Could I change my mind?
Forget all the sadness
And leave my troubled ways be hide

Turn positivity into reality
As I dance off my former bules
Put unresolved issues on the shelf
Knowing that happiness
Is a matter of uplifting yourself

Somewhere in between falling in and out of hard times
While supplicating for blessings

Negative thoughts are tossed \
Into the abyss to begin a new
I feel refreshed by the thought of you

I hope you can see through the red veil
Because you brought words
To what was a symphony


By: AJ Unique

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