A Thank You to My Readers

Photo by Fallon Michael on Pexels.com I'm just gonna get it off my chest... My grandmother died last week. This is the third death I experienced in 10 months. First, my Father then my Auntie now this. So I stopped writing for a little over a week. I needed time to think. I needed time … Continue reading A Thank You to My Readers


Bag Lady: Mind Vs. Heart

I was listening to Erykah Badu's Bag Lady and I felt inspired. It is time to shed the old for the new and move into the phase of internal spring cleaning.  I hope you enjoy the poetry:   A table is set in front of you Take chances and believe Are you too pessimistic for … Continue reading Bag Lady: Mind Vs. Heart

Why I Secretly Hated My Ex!

Okay, so here it goes... The pettiest post known to man if my ex reads this I apologize a 1000x - You're a great person but I low-key hated you! I felt blindsided when things didn't work out and typically I shed a few weeks worth of tears (I'm a Pisces so I'll cry a … Continue reading Why I Secretly Hated My Ex!

Resurrection of a Dream Deferred

  Lately, I have been reading poetry and trying to dig into the works of authors and poet's who inspire me. The first poet that inspired me to write was Langston Hughes. His description of life and his experiences gave color to my childhood as I used his work as a source of inspiration. In … Continue reading Resurrection of a Dream Deferred

Red Veil

  My eyes dulled over from broken promises And expired love long gone My blood that once flowed like a river is now curdled Late night serenades That once birthed my hopes Are now the site of my nightmares I gave up Somewhere in between falling in and out of heartbreak While praying for the … Continue reading Red Veil