Bag Lady: Mind Vs. Heart

I was listening to Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady and I felt inspired. It is time to shed the old for the new and move into the phase of internal spring cleaning.  I hope you enjoy the poetry:


A table is set in front of you

Take chances and believe

Are you too pessimistic for hope in greater things?

Have you matured beyond the happiness that unpacking brings?

Lady let go of those bags your carrying

They will only limit where you can go…


The conversation begins…


Stop flashing those lights on my secrets

Don’t speak of pain you don’t know

When you were out struggling to survive, I felt every blow

Now you want me to let go

How about, NO


I won’t allow you to forget the hurt that echoes

Through the chambers of your heart

Rapid sensations of love gained and lost

Left as quick as it came

But I’m a soldier, so I never complain

But you want me to forget now

I kept going even when you stressed me

Running around accepting anything for the sake of company

I’m done protecting you this time

You have eyes to see but your still blind


I had some thoughts on how we could make improvements

And you went off

In an effort to protect us you got lost

But no need to stew in the animosity within you

Because the fear your succumbing to dwells in me too


The lies that you accept

Derails our dreams

Are you too pessimistic to hope for greater things?

Have you matured beyond the happiness that unpacking brings?

Come on BROKEN hEART work with me.


Lady let go of that luggage your carrying.

Holding on to scorched dreams will make your world barren.


By: AJ Unique






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