Bag Lady: Mind Vs. Heart

I was listening to Erykah Badu's Bag Lady and I felt inspired. It is time to shed the old for the new and move into the phase of internal spring cleaning.  I hope you enjoy the poetry:   A table is set in front of you Take chances and believe Are you too pessimistic for … Continue reading Bag Lady: Mind Vs. Heart


Love for Dollars

Love for Dollars    He pays the bills  I’m in the will So I settle for anything Blood diamond = wedding ring    That red shine cost everythang  Got caught up in a Porsche  Did the bid  And I settled for a range    Two years and fifty cent later  Still searching for the change  … Continue reading Love for Dollars

Nature Rage

Intense disturbances rise solid ground In the storm Next door neighbors can be life savers The bubbly brew lifts 100 year old trees Like their new It rains and causes hills to side Places once undisturbed have been pushed to the mountain side The tides roll over streets, residential houses and passers by Mother nature … Continue reading Nature Rage

Your Chest

Deep down she's not happy with herself Sometimes She wishes to be someone else A person with a few less querks A person that is more social and mild Instead of putting all of her focus into cracking a smile The heartache that she thought would burn away quickly... Lasted for awhile But stomping out … Continue reading Your Chest