Hope is Close


Quiet nights envisioning drunken deja vu

But for my midday nap

I rest on lemon zested clouds


Moths gathered around the sunkissed glow of my flame

Mistoques whispered into my ear as though they knew my name

Vines wrapped themselves around my thighs as though they were tree trunks

The wind lifted my fro and shook it feverlessley


Illusions of love and chance enter inboxes like spam

Opening letters to find the same content in different greeting styles

Young restless souls chasing false prophets and counterfeit dreams

Butterfly wings and vitality bursting from decayed streams


Fabled adventurer where did you go to?

Did you let life’s stresses get to you?

While you walk around without a clue.


My senses are inspired by the breath of mist colored haze

Hope is closer than it was yesterday

What was once miles

Is now inches away


By: AJ Unique


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