Please Come Home Black Bird Recluse

This poem means so much to me and writing it nearly broke what’s left of my heart. I hope you enjoy it.

Unacknowledged blood bonds
Massaged over distinct whispers of distrust
You preferred to live in calamity rather than attempt to repair us

So we move in a familiar yet unfamiliar space
A place that prevents me from recognizing your face
Mr. Wander do you do this for fun?
By leaving destruction in your wake
Whenever you come

I want you to achieve more, to reach for more
Because I believe you deserve more
Than the fragile state you are living
Selling wooden nickels that you were given
Due to being raised by a stepfather with no religion

I see black and blue residue staining a face
That once made maghony glow get jealous
I care for your safety
But I know you’re reckless

I miss you but I look to you not beneath you
And rather than putting you in the rearview,
I look for you

But even in your condition
You run up the clock like you have happy feet
Let your family be near you
No more punch drunk eyes and street dueling
Tore between settling for less or having a bed to lay in
I understand your frustration

But please return to the comfort you should have been raised in
It send chills through my body when you go to death’s door
Only to be turned around once more
Stop putting my heart in overdrive
I am superseding the beats necessary to stay alive

Grown with all ten toes and fingers, I know
But would it hurt you to let us know where you go?
And when is the next time you will show up again

Searching for you is like searching for downtime in the city of wind

By: AJ Unique

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