Hard Water in the City

These city streets done seen more blood than Aunt Flow
Is there a future for me in a place filled to the rim?
With stereotypes outliving them
If it was a pond, would you jump in?

I mean it’s not as complicated as I make it seem
To all those in the loop, life is but a dream
But I’m writing for those people living in-between
A painful life and the American dream

Fighting to seam something together that fell apart or was never whole
Broken dreams dried up like raisins in the sun and become old
But I’m the type to give respect to the trill ones that never folded
Finding love in a hopeless place while challenging the fear of failure

Your out in the world, looking for a warm embrace
But this is a cold and murky place
This is a Black Lagoon with dirty water that’s still laced
So when you get thirsty don’t go in for a taste

Living with a pent house view
Don’t mean problems don’t get to you
Rich men can turn broke too
I see the maintenance of your mothers dreams mean very little to you

Crying on Kim’s shoulder like her vain style can save you
I remember went you use to come through the hood like Super K to the rescue
Telling the world about the plight we live through
But now only Loui V can get to you

By: AJ Unique


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