Honest Heart

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com A drunken heart tells no lies. It speaks in thumps. It sighs and rests in-between beats. Keeping up with heavy moments. Staying instep with quickening feet. Pumping warm blood through cold veins. Moving against our lovers breast. We need to hear it, feel it. Pulsating through a willing chest to … Continue reading Honest Heart


Dad’s Compass

Photo by Jakson Martins on Pexels.com Dad's Compass You taught me how to get back up! How to dust off the dirt And keep on walking How to taste better tears But keep on talking You taught me how to survive How to address the hurt inside And stay alive How to move in a … Continue reading Dad’s Compass


I am performing tomorrow for How I Survived. Hope to see you there! Details: Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/137974765062238?ref=newsfeed Register to watch/join virtually: https://zoom.us/.../tJcvc--qqDMjEtySbmlKw9hAfOuf2YFBHrGe Sign up for the open mic (few slots available)https://forms.gle/bUEvLD8JqQRNCNFi8 Love always, Esha ❤

In Memory

  This poem is dedicated to my Grandmother. In Memory Your eyes were soaked in the honey of hope Faint crows feet stood watch nearby No matter the time of day You would always laugh, smile And indulge in the happiness of life   I can still recall The gray, thick curls falling loose To … Continue reading In Memory

Just a Thought: Survival

Just a Thought: Survival  this is my battle to fight but i never ignited the war  at first, i didn't want to charge in didn't care to argue... throw mud, sling knives and cause a stir but as tarnishing trust  filled the air with smoke signals and hysteria till i found a cause i deemed … Continue reading Just a Thought: Survival