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is poverty the new curse word?
is jobless a shocker?
working for the man
ain’t never brought me no lobster

but it sho-nuff done ate up my time
knowing that sometimes
my days and nights aren’t mine
i work based off employee boss design

but what about my mind?
and what about the dreams i left be hide?
to help your company survive
let my regret echo through these blood tainted skies
i said, let my regret echo through these blood tainted skies

for too long, i sat idly by
filing paper work, completing projects
adding sand to the hour glass of wasted time
talking workplace gibberish and accepting lies
pulling my hair back while hiding my full thighs
as though i am responsible for the direction of people’s eyes

too afraid to go after the life
i proclaim to be mine
not even self doubt and people counting me out
can change my mind

started coloring outside the box
started testing out my wings in hopes of getting fly
started believing in myself
a little more each day

now i push forward
to create,
a future that only i can define…
as it happens, the life of a poet and an entrepreneur
will suit me just fine


© 2020 by Esha Montgomery

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