Auntie’s House

The little things I didn’t value as a child I now reflect on with nostalgia as an adult. Looking back, I realize those were the good days. Some of my fondest memories are now etched in spoken word. I hope you enjoy your visit to Auntie’s House.


Auntie’s House


beautiful bird bloom blossom
Photo by Pixabay on

faint sounds of birds chirping,

distant ambulances

and never halting traffic

mask backyard sky


tube television plays Wheel of Fortune

in black and white with poor reception

induced by metal bunny ear’s -gone AWOL


vine plants expand carelessly, on the living room window seal

Photo on Wikimedia Commons by Sanjay Acharya

the china cabinet has also fallen under their spell

it adorns foliage fit for kings

around the corner, down the hall

nestled on the glass table top, in the dinning room, is a white ceramic potpourri bowl:

filled with lemons, tangerines and wood chips galore




fans turn slowly, burnt toast, eggs and orange juice

white exhaust fan hanged
Photo by Min An on

are waiting for me

on my Auntie’s plastic covered, flower print, retro couch from the 70’s

i sit down, cool out, slide off and wait

for the call of the ice cream man


he comes down the street

blue and pink food truck
Photo by Prithpal Bhatia on

just as chill as he please

he mr. push pop, he mr. freeze

with a song everybody know


selling more icy treats

than the neighborhood pusher man

our Willy Wonka without the factory

rolling down 64th and Cali


faint sounds of birds chirping

distant ambulances

and never halting traffic

mask the backyard sky


© 2020 by Esha Montgomery


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