The Length of Hope

The Length of Hope I learned sometime ago that hope has the power to sustain the soul of man. It extends beyond the existence of money. So as the perils of life remain present cling onto the remnants of hope. Love always, Esha ❤


Photo by Bruno Scramgnon on Constant That old mason jar Just keep on workin' The glass was blown to last... I sipped icy orange juice out of it When times were good I drunk chilled beer from it When tomorrow was uncertain 20 years later... It just keep on workin' That old mason jar … Continue reading Constant


Small Thought: Sleep

Photo by Pixabay on Small Thought: Sleep I need sleep but sleep doesn't need me. If I don't receive enough of it... I turn angry. Enraged and caged into a body with no energy. So my body is weary. Too tired to carry it's own weight. I need a bed for goodness sake but … Continue reading Small Thought: Sleep