Niceties Removed

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Niceties Removed

i ran out of fucks to give
part of me simply doesn’t care
about whimsical needs anymore
the ass i use to kiss made my lips dry

and i’d rather save my chap-stick
for Chicago’s unrelenting cold
the fake smiles and act like its all good antics
cuffed in a meager hand to hold
have dissolved my core values

because i valued saving face
more than staying honest
and at some point…
i realized that i ran out of fucks to give

my transparency may tear apart your false narratives
and eat away at your soulless endeavors
but whether or not you decide… to get your shit together 
i still feel good

because making my anger known
means that my frustration is understood
and i won’t have to explain
why i was driven out in the blistering rain
to run out of fucks to give

chasing after tormented dreams
that prove to be illusive
even in my darkest hours
i couldn’t do the shit that you did

because you wrecked our path
you took a sledge hammer to concrete
and poured gasoline on fresh grass
your empty apologies have taken away from my love
and in its wake i am left with fool’s gold


Love Always, Esha ❤


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