A Squeeze

Distractions are swept away by words of forever. We melt together...


  Photo by Enric Cruz Lu00f3pez on Pexels.com Separated I'm reaching out beyond the gulf That stands between you and I I'm connected to the earth and extended to the sky I'm letting my wings out to see if my spirit can really fly Our dreams float pass in torrent rivers nearby We jump in … Continue reading Separated


Hope’s Song

Photo by Nav Photography on Pexels.com Hope's Song Hope sings a lullaby to me On feathered wings high above the ground It flies with no ceilings But when it comes down I receive a gift or two Some old desires brought into view And a new dream to hold onto   Love always, Esha ❤


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Wings A flock of black birds sail against a red sky  Inflamed with fire and smoke  That stretches miles high  They blow searing heat away with cool wings    Love always, Esha ❤


  Cussing is poverty the new curse word? is jobless a shocker? working for the man ain’t never brought me no lobster but it sho-nuff done ate up my time knowing that sometimes my days and nights aren’t mine i work based off employee boss design but what about my mind? and what about the … Continue reading Cussing