Something Deeper

Photo by Pixabay on I'm searching for something deeper when I write It's easy to be self indulgent Talk solely about shallow love and sex Make posts of myself half naked To build a social media following That doesn't care about my well-being Checking the boxes of vanity and having a body for days … Continue reading Something Deeper



Typos  puzzle me confused... i bet you're amused by the things i misspell and less enthused about my writing   due to unused grammatical rules you caught me in a hap hazardous inferno a slideshow of School House Rock ignored i probably should of paid attention more   but i sat in class bored... staring … Continue reading Typos


  Cussing is poverty the new curse word? is jobless a shocker? working for the man ain’t never brought me no lobster but it sho-nuff done ate up my time knowing that sometimes my days and nights aren’t mine i work based off employee boss design but what about my mind? and what about the … Continue reading Cussing