Something Deeper

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I’m searching for something deeper when I write

It’s easy to be self indulgent

Talk solely about shallow love and sex

Make posts of myself half naked

To build a social media following

That doesn’t care about my well-being

Checking the boxes of vanity and having a body for days

But I can’t be a tool living for the sake of appeasing others

Only to become a modern day slave

I won’t play nice

I won’t be cute and just behave

Cross me off your list

I have failed time and time again to assimilate

I’m running to the finish line

But my slow moving feet are always late

I’m not looking for the next level

I’m not struggling to be accepted in a place where few souls are.

I’m reaching for love and hope but my ambitions feel far

Like driving a long race in a go-cart

But I refuse to give up and be counted as the lost

So I’m searching for something deeper when I write

Even when wrong seems easy I have to do something right.

Love always, Esha ❤


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