Something Deeper

Photo by Pixabay on I'm searching for something deeper when I write It's easy to be self indulgent Talk solely about shallow love and sex Make posts of myself half naked To build a social media following That doesn't care about my well-being Checking the boxes of vanity and having a body for days … Continue reading Something Deeper



Photo by Sunyu Kim on Inside There is a land Where you will be safe from the wind An oasis buried deep inside A home within a temple It stands against all odds No generator is needed here No refrigerator is required for nourishment If you look, there is food all around No matter … Continue reading Inside

Happy Juneteenth

Happy Juneteenth On June 19th 1865 we heard the chime of freedom 2 years of sweet reluctant truth... reached enslaved ears in Galveston, Texas elation soared in tow with archangels and they blew a golden trumpet for us beyond the frightful barks of German Shepard's bullet shells and exuberant hymns was still peace... no more … Continue reading Happy Juneteenth