Something Deeper

Photo by Pixabay on I'm searching for something deeper when I write It's easy to be self indulgent Talk solely about shallow love and sex Make posts of myself half naked To build a social media following That doesn't care about my well-being Checking the boxes of vanity and having a body for days … Continue reading Something Deeper



Photo by Quintin Gellar on Riding He say, the car needs fixin' the engine blew He's put in thousands Only to get it towed from the nearest alleyway  When the car moves it shakes, The brakes hit the floor And screeching escapes The car spits fire and smoke But it keeps on riding Long … Continue reading Riding


Creatives it's the blowing of a melody from a brass horn its the vibrancy of watercolors stroked by paint brushes well worn its the sleep still fresh in a lover's eye in the early morn driving you to write a song or a poem creatives are not made we are born   Love always, Esha … Continue reading Creatives