In Memory


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This poem is dedicated to my Grandmother.

In Memory

Your eyes were soaked in the honey of hope

Faint crows feet stood watch nearby

No matter the time of day

You would always laugh, smile

And indulge in the happiness of life


I can still recall

The gray, thick curls falling loose

To frame the contours of your face

As you tilt your head and talk to me


The mere sound of your voice

Could stop the chatter in a lion’s den

When I’m stressed out

I look at the objects you use to own

I fix my hair

And put down a fresh coat of bleach in my home


I start cooking your one of a kind green bean dish

And I feel less alone

It’s been two decades

But I swear you been gone too long


I look at candy canes hanging

From drooping Christmas tree’s left up too long

And I think of you

I wonder if you think of me too


There is so much I want to tell you

So many questions I want to know

But until we meet again…

I will hold up a candle

In the highest window


In memory of you, one flickering light

And the blood running through my viens

Is evidence that a part of you will always be alive

Even though you’ve passed on…

I will survive


Love always, Esha ❤


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