Sound Type

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Sound is more than noise, it’s a place, a feeling, a reason to be… 

Sound Type

What does your sound feel like?

Is it bass pounding

Strong enough to shake walls

Is your crescendo fast

Or does it stall and build up climatic walls ?


Is it delicate like wind chimes

Blowing in the southern breeze?

Or does it float easy like Autumn leaves?

Does it dance around the room

Like cigarette smoke in a hookah lounge


Can it recognize trespassing

Or does it ignore caution and break pass

The barriers formulated to destroy freedom?

Does your music creep up on the audience

Like a burglar walking on their tip toes?


Does it smell sweet like a boutique of roses

Underneath unsuspecting noses?

Or does it take flight

Like a jet racing down an airstrip

Ascending to the sky

What does your sound feel like?


Love always, Esha ❤




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