Hard To Break

Photo by Lopsan on Pexels.com Thousands of miles separate distant hearts A space that missed and longed for you Is within arm's reach but still so far away Arguments, tense conversations, childhood trauma and broken dreams Left us hurt but speechless How can a soul piece together pressure and stress that it can't comprehend? Years … Continue reading Hard To Break


Guitar Player

Photo by Edward Eyer on Pexels.com Guitar Player Pluck at freshly strung guitar strings  Glide steady fingers across vibrating cords  Play a funky tune for the disillusioned and bored  Make the sad leap and shout for joy   Your tunes create happiness That bad energy can't destroy You gather the lost with your sound  Jaws … Continue reading Guitar Player

Sound Type

Photo by Bryan Catota on Pexels.com   Sound is more than noise, it's a place, a feeling, a reason to be...  Sound Type What does your sound feel like? Is it bass pounding Strong enough to shake walls Is your crescendo fast Or does it stall and build up climatic walls ?   Is it … Continue reading Sound Type


  Alive play your song for us... bring talkative voices to a hushed tone tug heart strings, sway bodies that stand stiff, swing hair, ruffle feathers and send senses into overdrive you are the artistic expression of music that nurtures rhythmic sound keeping the human soul alive so please...  play your song for us   … Continue reading Alive

Church Folk

Church Folk   they wait on sunshine from starless heavens cry on bended knees palms open wide to the ceiling   celebrating God with glee as they clap their hands and stump their feet jokes dispel hard times   so they communicate in laughter the present is cold so they wait... on the here after … Continue reading Church Folk