Hard To Break

Photo by Lopsan on Pexels.com

Thousands of miles separate distant hearts

A space that missed and longed for you

Is within arm’s reach but still so far away

Arguments, tense conversations, childhood trauma and broken dreams

Left us hurt but speechless

How can a soul piece together pressure and stress that it can’t comprehend?

Years of words that went unspoken,

Feelings that failed to penetrate the marble skin of complicated experiences

Can we visit each other in our place of frustration?

Or has the wall of contempt crept up on us?

In a world full of people that smile like jack-o’-lanterns

Hiding their true selves in the day

They party and embrace in the dark cover of night

Does happiness fade when childhood is over?

Why do adults run to the vices that grinning smiles

And partial smirks refuse to acknowledge?

Drinking for the sake of not remembering

Recalling the facts only to smoke away the reminders

Wrapped in the solace of shadows reflecting off the moon

Turn on a light in the bedroom

Open the closets, address the monsters underneath the bed,

Utter the truth you endured but never said

We search through old records

To expose new desires

Dancing to rhythmic music balancing on the soles of excited feet

No person is exempt from the difficulties of life

So we hold each other with gentle palms

Everybody has problems but the hours move forward

The days roll on, weeks fly and months ease by

Letting sunshine expose the parts that corroded rust took over

We may be worn

But we’re not easily broken

Love always, Esha ❤


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