Good Night Dad

Photo by cottonbro studio on The sounds of snoring In a three part harmony I am the only audience The tickets are free Whooping wings fluttering Birds of prey The wind whistling past a closed window All I recount the totality of my day Hidden sun Glistening moonlight Covering a body Once soaked in … Continue reading Good Night Dad

Hard To Break

Photo by Lopsan on Thousands of miles separate distant hearts A space that missed and longed for you Is within arm's reach but still so far away Arguments, tense conversations, childhood trauma and broken dreams Left us hurt but speechless How can a soul piece together pressure and stress that it can't comprehend? Years … Continue reading Hard To Break

Call Me Sunshine

Photo by Simon Berger on                   I am a chocolate sunrise floating over still land A part of God's divine plan People regard me as beautiful but fail to understand... That my existence is not equated to the abundance of man Pull out your paint brush … Continue reading Call Me Sunshine


  Photo by Teresa Howes on Awake The trust is eroded I've given up on everythang that I latched on too Bet you didn't notice Never thought I would separate from you   So your binoculars lost focus But just like the ocean I waddled away feeling blue Once I was taken in by … Continue reading Awake

Simple Words: Bedrock

Photo by Harry Cooke on Bedrock Your love is the solid bedrock of an electrifying existence. Breath life into my story once more...   Thank you for reading, Esha ❤