Good Night Dad

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The sounds of snoring

In a three part harmony

I am the only audience

The tickets are free

Whooping wings fluttering

Birds of prey

The wind whistling past a closed window

All I recount the totality of my day

Hidden sun

Glistening moonlight

Covering a body

Once soaked in sweat from running outside

A midnight snack

To curve the hunger

A focal point to

Drift off to

A long awaited baritone voice

That never comes through

It echoes in my mind like clock work

Turn off those lights, go to bed!

I comply aware that he is struggling to sleep too

Or got up for a leak

Dad my mind keeps on running

I can’t go to sleep

He replies, Try not to think so much baby girl

Get some rest

Good night Dad, I said with a smirk as wide as all outdoors

His firm yet kind reassurance

Brought peace and happiness

Snuggling my head into a giving pillow

I would sail into my dreams

Knowing that I’m loved

And understanding the beauty

That night time brings

Love always, Esha ❤

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