Good Night Dad

Photo by cottonbro studio on The sounds of snoring In a three part harmony I am the only audience The tickets are free Whooping wings fluttering Birds of prey The wind whistling past a closed window All I recount the totality of my day Hidden sun Glistening moonlight Covering a body Once soaked in … Continue reading Good Night Dad

Honest Rant: Normal

This isn't a poem. If you don't like rants you should avoid this post at all costs! The last two years have taught me a lot about myself. For the longest time, I tried to fix all the quirky things about my personality. Attempting to blend in, be nonchalant and take it easy has been … Continue reading Honest Rant: Normal

Ten Toes Down

Photo by Min An on This poem is dedicated to my Dad. Ten Toes Down I reach for my phone to dial you at home... only to realize you're gone. I tried to forget about you. My heart wanted to move on, but I get lost playing hopscotch on the number of our memories. … Continue reading Ten Toes Down

Unresolved Issues

Unresolved Issues you don’t have to deal me in  even without a hand, i bounce back... me and overcoming go way back  like four flats on a Cadillac  times aren’t good  but I broke bad  chasing after sweet fantasies  i could never have  talking to my sister  wondering why I didn’t do the math chalking … Continue reading Unresolved Issues

Fishing For Catch

I figured I would get started a little early on the Father's Day poetry. Let my Dad and all the other proud fathers out there know they loved and appreciated. Have an awesome Memorial Day!   Fishing For Catch on quite mornings,  before dusk had a chance  to break the sky before the morning  dew … Continue reading Fishing For Catch