Photo by mododeolhar on Pexels.com

He’s missing again

NO calls

NO text

Only emptiness

Hangs in the void

He’s been MIA

Since he was a little boy

Days turned to nights

And nights turned to days

Weeks at a time combined into months

Months turned into years

Sometimes, I would look for him

In the highways and byways

Of cities to big for me to search alone

Leaving the comfort of my bed

To bring my long lost sibling back home

Even after all these years…

I’ll still look for you

Walking through mud, hiding behind staircases

Checking bus stops that never end,

Newspaper articles and old friends

And when looking is not enough…

I cling to the only safety I know

I’ll pray for your safe return

Holding a Bible with torn pages in shaking hands

Hoping for a miracle in no man’s land

Knowing in my fluttering heart that I’ll see you again

Love always, Esha

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