Honest Thoughts on Compassion

As of late, I have been absent from this blog. I felt the need to give myself time to mourn. I learned that it is a long and tedious process that can’t be rushed or ignored. For a year and a half, I fought my emotions, worked out, laughed, cried and tried to make sense of this crazy thing called life.

Recently, someone who I believed was my friend constantly had things for me to buy, contribute to and invest in. But they rarely made sure I was okay. Or asked me how I was doing? I understand the struggle of entrepreneurs because I have products I sell and I promote my business on a regular basis. But I also provide free poetry workshops in the community, volunteer, share performances and maintain this blog.

If everything is about business, money and power. Then why live? Many people now and days are so obsessed with getting to the next level that most of these relationships and connections lack a strong foundation of trust, love and support. I experienced so much heart break in such a short period of time that I have a whole new outlook on life. To love people and show them kindness, understanding and empathy in their saddest hour is beautiful. And hopefully I can grow through these trying times and let other people know that they are not alone.

Love always, Esha

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