The Mission of Writers

Photo by SamuelFrancisJohnson Writing is a nasty business. One minute you're speaking with your whole heart. Baring the issues of your soul on a white paper that seems endless. The next minute your words dry up like a shallow puddle of water on a hot summer’s day. The words fade to black and the feeling … Continue reading The Mission of Writers


business nature

Business Nature You can be a friend but that doesn't make you an ally. You can be a trusted ally but it doesn't make you a friend. You can be a colleague who I share coffee with but for as corner office our acquaintanceship could come to an abrupt end. But that's the nature of … Continue reading business nature

The Small Business Struggle

caught in the crosshairs of politicians gain  looking for sunshine  outside dismal rain  thought the breakthrough was the cure    inequality flaunted like open sores  save the rich, evade the poor  so when they suffer  no one knows what for    but we all see it  the fuchsia elephant in the room  the equality the … Continue reading The Small Business Struggle