Photo by mododeolhar on Pexels.com He's missing again NO calls NO text Only emptiness Hangs in the void He's been MIA Since he was a little boy Days turned to nights And nights turned to days Weeks at a time combined into months Months turned into years Sometimes, I would look for him In the … Continue reading Missing


Photo by Miriam Alonso on Pexels.com Big-Eyed Look into the silver framed mirror, Covered in watermarks Big-eyed wonder stares back at you Questions form around the pupil's black ring Who will you be today? What will you choose today? How will you find your way? We are falling rain drops in a storm Searching for … Continue reading Big-Eyed

Big and Round

Big and Round  couple months go by  stomach starts to swell  swayed by bright hearts like clean tiles  in the afternoon glow  touched by the hand of bleach  with the antics of home sweet home   we are here  trying to form sand  into stone  trying to build up a foundation  we're proud to own  … Continue reading Big and Round