Sweet Mist

Sweet Mist


hi shower,

it’s me again 

our last session was marvelous 

you are my spa, healer, emotionally detached friend and confidant 


vapor detoxified my soul

flowing water cascaded down mahogany skin 

undulating music sailed through open air 

as i swayed to the beat 


invisible mic in my unyielding hand 

goodness all the things i would do to you 

if you were my man 

how do you get me to let my guard down?

drop that hip and roll with it kind of feeling 


lather rinse and repeat

you clean the dirty places clean 

take me away from thoughts that hurt me 

i always come back for round 2 

your liquid love makes me feel worthy 


i let you see me at my most vulnerable 

au naturel or makeup smeared, teary eyed, sensual, sweating 

and out of fucks to give -side of me 

you are my secret keeper, therapist and nurse


i just want to live in the aftermath of your glow 

show you things in me nobody should know 

you feel me up 

when my energy is low  


so i give in to the demand of your chilled tears 

because when you cry i cry too

you are my sweet mystic rain 

you touch me everywhere 

and i love when you do 


Sincerely Yours, Esha



© 2020 by Esha Montgomery

Photo by Rafael Guajardo on Pexels.com


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