Self Care & Fun!

Lately, I added the little things that matter back to my life. A healthy diet, yoga, reading a book, going out for a light jog… I know these things seem little but they ADD to my quality of life. Things are some of the things I discovered from learning to enjoy the little things:

  1. Have fun. Life is short. Reading makes me feel at ease. When I get my hands on a good book is the equivalent of watching a soap opera. I find myself absorbed in the story when I am emotionally invested in the characters and interested in their outcome.
  2. Healthy living is essential for improving everyday quality of life. So eating healthy is vital for me right now. But truth be told I didn’t take all the bad stuff out my diet. The other day, I drunk some Coco Cola and ate pizza and it was delicious. I just focus on improving my eating overall but every blue moon I need something greasy and sugary LOL.
  3. Working out has been a great healer in my life. Often, I feel drained by pinned up energy, tight muscles and stress so strengthening helps. It seeps into my general demeanor as my physical discomfort displays itself in my interactions with people and the world at large. But when I’m active, it enhances my day by reigning in my focus on positive things and reducing my physical strain.
  4. Recently, I started back knitting and it is really claiming. I made a scarf that I wear everyday – I am so proud. I never thought I would find so much joy in working with yarn. Hobbies in general are excellent for staying productive and happy. Find a hobby you enjoy and allow it to expand your world! 

Stay positive and be encouraged. You are your greatest asset!

Love, Esha


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