Simple Beauty

Photo by Isom Jacobs You fly on an easy breeze. Slow motion wings moving with peace. Your presence makes the moment lovely for me. Landing on leaves and grass like happiness flowing to a better place. Come near me... so I can feel the hum of your day going by slowly. No need to rush. … Continue reading Simple Beauty


A Thank You to My Readers

Photo by Fallon Michael on I'm just gonna get it off my chest... My grandmother died last week. This is the third death I experienced in 10 months. First, my Father then my Auntie now this. So I stopped writing for a little over a week. I needed time to think. I needed time … Continue reading A Thank You to My Readers

The Reason I Pursued My Dream

After I graduated from school, I discovered a situation worse that a lack of education... I was overqualified for many jobs. Yet I was under-qualified for the jobs that I desired. I needed 5 years of experience for this job and three years for that and no one was willing to train someone fresh out … Continue reading The Reason I Pursued My Dream

Self Care & Fun!

Lately, I added the little things that matter back to my life. A healthy diet, yoga, reading a book, going out for a light jog... I know these things seem little but they ADD to my quality of life. Things are some of the things I discovered from learning to enjoy the little things: Have … Continue reading Self Care & Fun!

Random Thoughts: Social Media Hell

I have found the nature of social media incompatible with the needs of the human soul! Does interacting with social media enhance the nature of our existence or take away from our essence. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter none of it has kept my attention lately. I find myself at a lost for words... Sometimes it's … Continue reading Random Thoughts: Social Media Hell