Moisture Again

Photo by Pixabay on It is spread out in sparse patches over dry land. Growing and waning with drought. Stretching towards a bright sun. The ground cracks and breaks like broken skin touched by burning fire. Balm is needed. A salve could heal it but only rain from the sky above will do. Just … Continue reading Moisture Again

Quintessential Growth

Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Your heart may be sore but it keeps on beating. Your mind may be confused but it keeps on believing. Your feet are well traveled but they keep on healing. So keep on keeping on Honey child, trials come for a reason. Some days it will rain, on others … Continue reading Quintessential Growth

Treated Scars

Photo by Pixabay on Love is the ointment for raw wounds The agony subsides The spreading of the infection stops It smooths the rough patch Healing the ache of tight skin Minimizing the scar of past bruises Love transitions scars That we never believed salve could mend Never allow old hurt To cause your … Continue reading Treated Scars

To Fall Down

Photo by Liam Bolduc on To Fall Down Don't worry about the scraps and bruises. Soon they will turn into scars that healed. Falling down and getting back up is the bread and butter of a life well lived. Love always, Esha ❤

Sweet Mist

Sweet Mist   hi shower, it’s me again  our last session was marvelous  you are my spa, healer, emotionally detached friend and confidant    vapor detoxified my soul flowing water cascaded down mahogany skin  undulating music sailed through open air  as i swayed to the beat    invisible mic in my unyielding hand  goodness all … Continue reading Sweet Mist