Focus on Positive Thinking


The other day, I posted this on Twitter:


Tonight, I wanted to elaborate on the topic of believing in one’s self. I remember my senior year of college when I knew that I wanted to pursue further education but I was unsure as to how I would pay for it. I focused on schools offering a full ride for a Master’s degree and I seized my moment.

Long story short, I was successful and my full ride came with a paid assistant-ship. I received this opportunity not because I was a straight A student but because I did well in school and I had a vision that I pursued my goal no MATTER how bleak the circumstances looked. 

I know that outside influences can negatively affect our opinions of self. It can even cause us to doubt our abilities. But I am here to tell you today that you can do anything that you believe you can do -within reason. Cast the negative things people have said about you to the waste side and envision yourself in a better place making strides in your career.

No matter what people do to you they can not take away your passion and drive. Allow the negativity of others to be the gas for your engine. So when your hard at work at 12am while thinking of ways to enhance your hustle you will have some MOTIVATION… Turn the naysayers into Motivators and stand up for your DREAMS bY GIVING it your ALL.

Don’t get mad at other people for saying unkind things to you or telling you what you can’t do. That’s their JOB. They get emotional commission whenever they cause someone to give up on themselves. Typically people only put down others because THEY were FOOLISH enough to allow someone to CRUSH their DREAMS.

dON’T throw your hopes and goals in the fireplace to uplift another person. Take a chance and GIVE IT YOUR ALL. The ONLY THING that can beat FAILURE is a TRY. Maya Angelou once said that you many encounter many defeats but you must not be defeated.

If you believe in yourself you can not be defeated by THE WORDS OF OTHERS. Give positive thinking a try I know it sounds corny but it helps. How can we expect good things to happen to us if we base our expectations off of other standards. Give yourself and your experiences room to grow by speaking LIFE into them. Don’t suffocate your dreams with thoughts that stifle their growth.

I aLWAYS push forward with a smile on my face. I learned this year that Life is short and I don’t want any regrets.

Be encouraged, love lives where you least expect it! bUT look in your own heart first because you should always love yourself before you attempt to love another.

Remember that even a diamond was once a piece of coal. There is beauty in the struggle.

Please share thoughts and opinions -good vibes only… Have a nice night y’all.

Katt Williams is my inspiration tonight. ENJOY 🙂

2 thoughts on “Focus on Positive Thinking

  1. Thank you for sharing with us. I love the idea of not focusing on the negative people or circumstances – they are just the “so what!”. We make all the difference ourselves. Full responsibility. 😀


    1. Your welcome Steve, I’m glad I could help. That is true because its a slippery slope. Often, we do not choose every circumstance we find ourselves but we still have power over how we react to it. I realized that thinking positively is a choice but sometimes its a hard one to make when we feel down.

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