Thought: Yes

Photo by Nicola Barts on Don't let the negativity of other peoples opinions stop you from creating something great. When people lack the ability to create goals and hope beyond their present circumstance they often stomp on the dreams of others. Sometimes you have to push past the No's to reach the celebratory feeling … Continue reading Thought: Yes

Just a Thought: Grateful

Grateful  As the summer sun, falls into twilight; drawing it's season to a sorely anticipated close. I reflect on my life and despite all the challenges I have encountered... I am still grateful to be alive. Love Always, Esha

My Opinion: Calling Me

My Opinion: Calling Me If you see someone being persecuted or mistreated stand up against that injustice don't be complacent! Silence is the protector of evil. But even though I don't know what tomorrow holds... I am excited and hopeful because the promise of a life free from persecution and fear calls to me. A … Continue reading My Opinion: Calling Me