The Power of Persistence

The Power of Persistence

Whenever I feel stressed, I turn on a good comedy special or listen to a comedian I find funny. Ever blue moon, I receive gems I can carry with me throughout my life or just the week.

One day, while Youtube surfing I located a video of SINBAD. Counting viewership it only had 7 views but the message motivated me to watch the video nearly a dozen times since then.

When Sinbad was younger, he asked his father what ability he processed that would help him in life. His father responded, the power of persistence. Nothing can replace persistence -being talented does not make you great. There are plenty of capable people in this world with a wealth of talent they can showcase but if they give up too easily they will never be counted among the greats.

When people speak about me, I don’t want them to say I was naturally talented or I was born to be great. I want them to say I got it out the MUD and I was a Testament to the power of the human will.

Often, I have settled for work I did not enjoy in order to get by but at some point you realize that settling will get you nowhere QUICK. For me, I am most at peace when I am writing creatively or reaching subjects to write about. But what am I willing to do to make a part-time hobble a full-time career?

My mother looked at me with courage in her eyes and integrity in her heart and said, How much is your peace worth?  You usually don’t know how much it worth until it is gone. It was then that I realized that my peace could only be achieved and maintained by understanding that some things are priceless like self worth. Never allow anyone to devalue you not even yourself.

Be encouraged, life is often a uphill battle but it is one you can conquer but it all starts with putting one foot in-front of the other. Sometimes the most determined person wins the war.

Remember that even a diamond was once a piece of coal. There is beauty in the struggle.

Please share thoughts and opinions -good vibes only… Have a nice night y’all.


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