Black Women Super-Shero


I gave birth to civilization

And stood by Malcolm X


I am the most hated woman on the PLANET

bABIES feed from the breast of women

But LOOK at what the FCC did to Janet


I whoop ASS and take names

Put bad guys to Shame


Telliport home

tO put Dinner home on

With only 30 minutes to spare

The food needs to be ready



Give my last dime to pay the bills

Dedicate all my time to keep my children from getting ILL


Don’t let these feet give out on me LORD

i NEED them to get me to and fro

Give me the Green light

And I will go


Ignore my chest pains

As though my HEART isn’t hurting

Trying to be the Shero Black hero

but its not working


Hair thinning from stress that I could ignore

But in the same way that a fish swims

This eagle must soar


Ain’t no cape on my back but I would do all in my power to save you

Die, so I can see you pull through

But When I’m down and out

WHO will come to my rescue?


By: AJ Unique



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