Love for Dollars

Love for Dollars    He pays the bills  I’m in the will So I settle for anything Blood diamond = wedding ring    That red shine cost everythang  Got caught up in a Porsche  Did the bid  And I settled for a range    Two years and fifty cent later  Still searching for the change  … Continue reading Love for Dollars

Black Women Super-Shero

  I gave birth to civilization And stood by Malcolm X   I am the most hated woman on the PLANET bABIES feed from the breast of women But LOOK at what the FCC did to Janet   I whoop ASS and take names Put bad guys to Shame   Telliport home tO put Dinner … Continue reading Black Women Super-Shero

Free Your Mind Black King

Wet kisses and warm hugs Are what I'm dreaming of   Strong grips on my thick hips And the sounds of impassioned love   The BEAUTY OF chocolate swirls intertwined Your eyes LOCKED ON mine   Even if just for A MOment in time I SEE your troubles and Encourage you to free your mind … Continue reading Free Your Mind Black King

Brandy Style: I Wanna Be Down

Let's get this thing started off right! This is for all the 90s babies that wanna be down with that special somebody... Let's get it!   Have you ever been afraid of how someone would respond if you told them your real feelings? And every-time you try to express yourself your pride and shyness … Continue reading Brandy Style: I Wanna Be Down

Heart in Hand

Your close to me like baby oil on my skin Yet, you are are nothing more than a memory that lives within Your heart has grown tired of me We live like vines growing among ivy you have become bored with me I have grown but you don't give eye to me I lash out … Continue reading Heart in Hand