Heart in Hand

Your close to me like baby oil on my skin

Yet, you are are nothing more than a memory that lives within

Your heart has grown tired of me

We live like vines growing among ivy you have become bored with me

I have grown but you don’t give eye to me

I lash out wildly hoping you would see

But this only deepens our distance

I threw ropes to you

Put a bridge across the moor so you didn’t have to swim through

Were my efforts not effort for you

Maybe I’m doing too much for you

Praying on bended knee for a love that may never become TRUE.

I keep on giving hope to this hopeless situation with us.

When the dream fell apart, I couldn’t let it go.

Feening for a blessing

And stressing to Cope

But nope, none of it worked

Trying to bring us back together made me go berzerk

See the vulnerable woman -heart in hand

Love unplanned -thinking you were the man

Hell I feel deceived but I would be lying if I didn’t say you were the Best PART OF ME.


By: AJ UNique





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