Opinion: Screw You Pay Me: Joe Budden Mode


There are times when we as a people accept less than what we are worth for the sake of keeping a job. In general people are often bullied into staying in situations where they are poorly paid. But when you work hard and invest your money you have options. So you have the ability to reject offers and to work harder in an effort to gain more money.

Never compromise yourself or your art for a paycheck. You can find a way to make more money but you can not find a way to maintain character if you allow people to treat you how ever they see fit.

It was the dynamics of Joe Budden and DJ Ackademiks that made the show exciting. Complex News was unable to respect the personality, wisdom and criticism that Joe brought to the table. The network cared little for Joe’s stance and refused to pay him according.

Despite Complex News connections to Verizon the show Everyday Struggle was a part of the hip hop culture so it needed Joe to bring a realness that it would have lacked otherwise. I also like that Joe does not mind having an unpopular opinion -that is a trait that makes him an excellent commentator.

Since the departure of Joe Budden, the show has struggled. The ratings dropped and the dislike squad attacked like a swarm of agitated hornets. I was surprised by the show’s recruitment of the controversial veteran radio personality Troi “STAR” Torain. He has a history of being EXTRA!

SIDENOTE: As soon as he came on the show, it was already awkward… LOL because of sexual statements Star made towards Nedeska prior to his role as a host on Everyday Struggle. Nedeska addressed the situation on the first episode and Star said he never expected to work alongside her. It was really awkward.

Joe’s I don’t give a F*** attitude was a focal point for the shows audience because we knew we would get his honest opinion along with his veteran knowledge of hip hop. Star does not possess the tact of Joe or the lovable pessimism that the Everyday Struggle audience had come to know. No matter who they selected it would be difficult to rival the well spoken Joe Budden.

Currently, Joe Budden is focusing more on his entrepreneur ventures. He has the Joe Budden podcast that has been out for awhile… I think he will start inviting guests soon to garner more viewers but we will see.

So what did we learn today? Creators create and you can’t buy the juice either you got it or you don’t! Never let anyone determine your worth because people can buy the ideas and things you make and still undervalue YOUR CONTRIBUTION. AlwaYs believe in yourself!



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