Small Thought: Arrival

Photo by Marco Milanesi on There was a time when I waited for your arrival. While dreaming of a day when we can be a little closer. Anticipating you like the stars showing up in the splendor of the night sky. Throw a lasso around the twilight of bright luminous rays. And pulled them … Continue reading Small Thought: Arrival


Coworkers to the Rescue

I feel like someone needed to read this today.... So here it goes, me baring my soul! As of late, a Sista been going through. Lord, I have been to the bottom and I want to sail to the top type of feeling. Yesterday was hard. So hard in fact, I had tears for breakfast … Continue reading Coworkers to the Rescue

Love for Dollars

Love for Dollars    He pays the bills  I’m in the will So I settle for anything Blood diamond = wedding ring    That red shine cost everythang  Got caught up in a Porsche  Did the bid  And I settled for a range    Two years and fifty cent later  Still searching for the change  … Continue reading Love for Dollars

Brandy Style: I Wanna Be Down

Let's get this thing started off right! This is for all the 90s babies that wanna be down with that special somebody... Let's get it!   Have you ever been afraid of how someone would respond if you told them your real feelings? And every-time you try to express yourself your pride and shyness … Continue reading Brandy Style: I Wanna Be Down