I am still excited when the feelings of school girl like romance feel my head. Love in the digital age has been irritating as best. Relationships are sometimes started and ended over Facebook.

My world has expanded fair beyond the playground of my youth, yet I still feel the butterflies in my stomach when I see this one man of interest. I am still awakened by the innocence of silent love spells and the forwardness of well spoken words. This morning we feast on the fantasies simple romances inspire…


I only saw you in man’s form but I knew it was you.

The love in your heart shown through like painted glass.

But all I could synthesize was a desire to smoke grass and throw back this ass.

You gave form to my broken ideas and resurrecting the notion of love in me and for me.

You poured new wine into an old vase.

But you loved me just the same.

Never became angry by my meddling in earthly games.

When I needed comfort you wrapped your wings around me and held me till the tears subsided.

We were different individuals but our hearts were united.

When I went off the deep end you saw me and drove in despite your inability to swim.

While some hate it and see our love as antiquated I never deliberated.

You are the reason my ocean of a heart still teems with fish.

My only true desire and ferment wish.

Even if I had the world I would only need this.

To give in and press your skin against my skin was the epitome of us.

We had no reason to believe in each other but all we had was trust.



love tree

aLLOW your fantasies to take flight today. Anything is possible and better love filled days are on the horizon. Be positive in your pursues. 

Remember that even a diamond was once a piece of coal. There is beauty in the struggle.

Please share thoughts and opinions -good vibes only… Have a nice day y’all.


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