I Got My Taxes

Many people wait for this special time a year when taxes return and grant you financial bliss for a month or more… LOL This influx of cash is renown throughout the hood and communities all over the US as a second Christmas -so to speak. Many Americans rely on this extra income to restore their financial stability, purchase items and pay overdue bills.

kevin hartWhat is good for the goose is good for the gander as the economy typically benefits from the cash incentives of tax season. As Families are more likely to frequent stores and purchase services.

When I was younger, income tax season was practically a second birthday! It was a glorious time of the year when Mom and Dad usually brought me anything within reason. Literally, image a kid in a candy store.

I can already see it now the new purses, kicks (shoes), hair, smiling people everywhere. This is always a great time of year even though it just last for a brief period of time.

In Chicago, I feel a sense of enthusiasm in the hood. Some people have even noticed a reduction in violence. Scrolling on Facebook, I saw a post one that described this phenomena best it said, It turns out all Chicago needed was more money to stop the violence. Ding Ding Ding but for now that is just a theory of mine.

I heard a story of a young man spending all of his income tax money in a week. He VIBE-Vixen-Tax-Season-52-compressedbrought material goods that won’t add up to a hill of beans in the end. He literally received income taxes only to end up in more debt because he carelessly spent his money.

Buying what you need is fine. I even believe it is fine to splurge on yourself -A LITTLE. But take some of your money and invest it into ventures that you believe will profit you and save something for a rainy day. The way you spend money and the things you do with it have a greater affect on your life than you think.

So before you buy that that $2.00 Wendy’s Jr, Bacon cheeseburger… Say to yourself, Do I have leftovers at home? And if you do, SAVE YOUR MONEY!

Be frugal sometimes, nothing is wrong with making conscious decisions to avoid excess in times when fiscal restraint is needed. There are times when budgeting can increase the quality of life you live because no one wants to be the friend always borrowing money… It does not look good or feel good. If you make money, you must SAVE MONEY.

Note to self: Stop Eating Wendys FAST FOOD IS BAD for you…LOL


Remember that even a diamond was once a piece of coal. There is beauty in the struggle.

Please share thoughts and opinions -good vibes only… Have a nice night y’all.




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