Any Body Want to Buy a Heart?

Greetings and salutations,

Recently, I saw a post in my Facebook timeline. It went something like this: I put my love on clearance but still no one wants it. Ouch, were they joking…? hmm…

Maybe the people they encountered were aware of the fact that it was discounted. Typically, the discounted items are being sold as such for 2 reasons: either it’s been there too long or it is damaged…

The title of this article, Does any wanna buy a broken heart? Is a spin on Nicki Minaj’s song entitled Buy A Heat.  It is a piece off of her third album, affectionately titled the Pink Print Album that came out in 2014. It was her version of Jay Z’s Blue Print. [I enjoyed the album but I thought the songs Crying Game and Grand Piano were a bit out of place but that’s a conversation for next time.]

Meek Mill’s verse is about meeting a woman he is interested in and the efforts he made to gain her trust. Nicki responds by acknowledging that she saw him checking her out but the situation could prove to be a waste of time… NEVERTHELESS he waited. Though K. Michelle was not in Nicki’s original song, I found this version on the internet and I could relate to K. Michelle’s part in the piece. Particularly when she said:

I don’t want to go back to the Old K…. I’m trying to change everyday still  misunderstood. Does Anybody, Anybody, wanna buy the heart of a girl that just couldn’t CRY ANYMORE?

The last part gets me every-time! But I have been on both sides of the love game that is why I appreciate the imagery used for the cover of this song.


Side notes: K.Michelle claimed that Nicki Minaj took this song because she was uncomfortable with her being on a track with with Meek Mill. Unfortunately, this was the song that K. Michelle planned to name her album after.

Pain stands second to none when it pertains to matters of the heart -AJ Unique

So what am I saying? I am simply saying love hurts. And at some point we all wonder… Is it worth it? Am I worth it? How many aches and pains can my heart bare? So why? Why fall in love? Why auction off your most precious ability (love as an action)?

SIMPLY…. So you WANT someone to FACE this world with… So there’s one person laughing at your jokes even when no one else cares to. Love is the one FORCE that can not be measured or explained. It is a feeling, an action, motivation and a lack there of… Love is transparent and blind but YET WE SEE IT! Love is ALSO A PLACE as I have heard it referred to as a battle field and people merely its SOLDIERS… sADE Moment. Sorry, I had to do it! Love SADE LOL. Check out Soldier of Love below:


It is not for the wealthy to buy. For it is the one thing that can not be brought. And only those willingly to pursue love courageously can find it. You must have the WILL TO survive.

So what am I saying? Live a little, you would be surprised the matters of the heart have a way of fixing themselves if you are open to it. Sometimes we close the book on love and then we give it away for anything just to say it found a home.

Never give away a good book to someone who doesn’t read! They won’t cherish the book and soon the binding will be tore. You also don’t want someone who is likely to lose interest in the book and shelve it. You want someone that is willingly to read your story daily and is amazed by it!

If my heart was for sale, I wonder if anyone would be interesting in buying? There’s a few dents in it, not to mention bruises and scrapes. Nevertheless it has done one hell of a job of filling the void in my chest. This time around…

nO purchasers of this heart can have prevented intentions.

Is there any that can be trusted…?

With a heart as fragile as mine.

Broken nearly A THOUSAND times.

Mad hatter took me on a ride a couple times.

But never too far from home.

But my house has repairs that need meddling.

A roof that need sealing.

Can you Bob the Builder me?

Put it together rather than taring it apart.

Or do you ONLY spend spare time with me?

Isolating our love to blue moon occasions.

And dates ON-LINE…

dON’T ignore my call, chat, or text

That’s all I have to reach you with?

This technological age has me wondering am I committed to the imagery of love…

Or the real THING?

What is REAL?

Or am I too ILL?

I made a deal WITH MY SPIRIT…


IF HE Heals IT…

i WILL LIVE a life worthy of my NAME.

pUT MY former idols to shame,

Bring my spirit, body and mind together as a formidable entity.

Release the GREATness IN ME.

My heart is not broken, it’s TRANSITIONING.


By: AJ Unique



Be encouraged, love lives where you least expect it! bUT look in your own heart first because you should always love yourself before you attempt to love another.

Remember that even a diamond was once a piece of coal. There is beauty in the struggle.

Please share thoughts and opinions -good vibes only… Have a nice night y’all.


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