Small Truth: My Ache

Photo by Pixabay on It's a small truth, I rarely discuss. I'm turned on by love and seduced by lust. Still I get upset when sweet kisses don't stay. When betrayal is my bitter water and lies my meal of the day. But it's hard for me to turn you away. So I try … Continue reading Small Truth: My Ache

We Call it Fog

Photo by Damien Schnorhk on We call It Fog Love is like water I have seen it freeze like ice It evaporates like mist It gathers like fog It forms without a reason It dissipates without a cause It is perfect yet flawed And that is precisely why I love it! Love always, Esha … Continue reading We Call it Fog

Winter: Chapped Skin

Photo by Vishal Shah on Chapped Skin It doesn't matter if it's Shea butter, lotion or vitamin E Moisture is what dry skin needs Hydration always reigns supreme In Chicago's deadly... sleet covered ice ring   Stay warm everybody. Stay safe. Love always, Esha ❤

Ice Cold Water

Photo by Thu00e0nh Long on Ice Cold Water Can I get a cold glass of water? Hold the ice But add a lemon slice That'll be nice A smooth drink of paradise   Love always, Esha ❤